Aviation Wellbeing Conference 2019

The IAA Conference Centre

 The Times Building, 11-12 D’Olier Str

25th April 2019

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Conference Video Overview

Provide a platform for discussion and debate, to address some of the key challenges to employee wellbeing in the ever expanding aviation industry. The aim is to approach the subject of emotional and physical performance from a non-clinical perspective, while also identifying some of the possible solutions applicable to our daily lives. Our focus is ultimately to support airlines management, regulators & government bodies to develop and integrate a sustainable wellbeing culture. This conference will provide a platform to merge our highly regulated industry to a more holistic approach, pivotal in maintaining safety.

  • Our unique selection of industry leaders, expert speakers and panelists, will share their extensive knowledge, experience and insights.
  • Together, we aim to learn how to embrace individual responsibility for our own wellbeing and to explore means of support from management, regulators, and decision-makers in the aviation industry.
  • Our collective responsibility is to optimise how we can help, educate and support our front-line employees – placing people at the centre of modern aviation.
  1. What are the current best practices adopted by aviation companies in developing and managing employee wellbeing culture and what can be learned from it?
  2. What role do the regulatory authorities take in supporting employees’ wellbeing and how could they further assist the industry to mitigate safety risk and improve human performance?
  3. What are the latest research and scientific findings of the psychological and physical human body in a flying and high-stress environment?
  • Airline Directors, Management & Supervisors
  • Approved Training Organisations (ATO’s)
  • Airline HR
  • Safety Instructors
  • ATC Instructors
  • SIM Instructors
  • Air Accident Investigators
  • AC Engineering Management
  • CRM Instructors
  • Crew Control Management
  • Aero-Medical Staff
  • Flight Training School Management
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their awareness in the fields of wellbeing, safety and human performance in aviation


Aviation Wellbeing Conference 2020

Coming Soon!