Alexandra Franco

Human Factors Researcher


Years in the Aviation Industry

Alexandra Franco has 24 years of experience in Aviation. She started her career in aviation as Flight Attendant for TAP Portugal where she stayed for 9 years. After, she joined the TAP Training Department as CRM and Human Factors Coordinator for seven years.

Also worked at Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) as Safety Specialist. In this role she is the Portuguese Focal Point in EASA and manages SMS program for the airlines and State Safety Program. 

In 2009 joined JET REPUBLIC as Training and Recruitment Manager, where she developed all CRM, Human Factors and Safety training materials, and also took a part on recruitment process of pilots and flight attendants.

In 2010, joined IATA as a training consultant, where she had delivered training on CRM, internal Auditing and SMS, including the tailored SMS implementation program.

Being fluent in Spanish and English, has allowed Alexandra to work in several international projects in several countries like Angola, Cape Verde, Moldova, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany.

Member of several  aviation and aerospace advisory and monitoring bodies, including the European Association of Aviation Psychology (EAAP) where she is recognised as Human Factors Specialist, and also Member of Royal Aeronautical Society.

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