Valentina Fitzpatrick


My extended experience as Flight Attendant has given me a deep understanding of our unique fuselage environment.

I am a qualified Simtech Aviation CRM Instructor also currently upgrading my skills with ICAO TIC 1-2 and TDC.

I qualified at UCD as Personal Trainer to further develop my understanding of physical performance.

I have created an additional module to CRM training, giving Pilots & Cabin Crew a broader view in response to our fuselage lifestyle.

I solely collaborate with experienced Pilots & Cabin Crew, Human Factors & Performance specialists, Aviation Psychologists and CRM Instructors. I also work with a small chosen team of fitness specialists: Sport Physiology & Practical Fitness experts.

We take pride in working closely within regulations by building strong and long-lasting relationships with our main government body the IAA & EASA. We have a loyal and trusted bond with Airlines SOP’s application and management.

Aviofit is created by Aviators for Aviators with the core of the company being front-line aviation personnel such as pilots, cabin crew, ATCs, aircraft engineers etc.

We, Aviators are the “only experts capable of finding solutions to our own unique environment”.

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