The War of the Airlines 2018

By February 26, 2018 No Comments

AvioFit takes-off to destination wellbeing!

For the first time, we are organising a fun and inclusive sport event specifically designed for Aviators of all fitness levels. Our event will include 4 Airlines represented by a team of Pilots & Cabin Crews. We would like to select candidates who wish to participate to our first event.

We hope all Aviators would like to get involved with the special support of their Airline. The event will feature a variety of cardio-weight exercises. WOA is not ” any sport event” but a real active effort toward improving human performance in aviation and reducing fatigue beyond CRM Training.

We need the best Airlines with the most forward thinking culture to partecipate by offering sponsorship and allow staff to participate on the day.
The 4 teams will battle to challenge their fitness but most importantly, to win the title of “Fittest Airline of the year“.

The Winning Airlines will receive the title of “Fittest Airline 2018”, leaving an historic footprint in supporting their staff and enhancing a positive public perception.
We will organise gathering and outdoor activities to help all team begin a new journey in preparation for the battle. We also ask  staff to have an interest in joining a nearby Gym facility if they need extra help.
Our aim is to help Aviators to build mind & body resilience outside the use of our CRM Instruction Manual.
We invite all airlines to submit their application in sponsoring and supporting their staff.

If you are interested we would advise to contact or simply talk to Valentina directly on Linked in – Facebook or Ph 00353 0864476991