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Why I created The War of The Airlines

In 2016, I founded Aviofit – the Aviator’s Wellbeing Consultant.

My experience as Cabin Crew highlighted the limits of a CRM manual, lacking in a direct translation of the application of health & wellbeing to the real life of Aviators in and out of the fuselage.

That alone made me feel that we needed to produce a better response to help Pilots & CCM (without going through the minefield of a Pilot Medical) to stay healthy pre – during – post flying.

Aviofit is created by Aviators for Aviators in a unique combination of expertise that creates a fusion between Sports Science & Aviation.

With a focus on bringing solutions, following established research in Human Factors, Human Performance, and Aviation Psychology, we have decided to theory into pratice.

Our CRM manual, FTL, and SOP’s are pivotal to a safe and functioning environment, but when it comes to mental & physical health, practical support is lacking.

In practice, only “practical” functional body movement can bring changes to our physiological & mental environment.

Hence, we are going to WAR!!

I was inspired to create the very first Aviation-Specific Sporting Event, focusing on the most challenging working group on our planet – Aviators!

The War of the Airlines aims to promote fitness in a non-clinical way, using social wellbeing, fun and a little bit of work and commitment to swop the “post-duty home couch”, with a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute plank!

My intention is to awaken a dormant ocean of people and create a wave of positive emotions, ideas, intentions, that also bring real results at a human performance level.

Results we can see for the long term benefit of our Aviators.

Reducing fatigue through the real practice of eating better food and using our body to help us stay in tune with our challenging environment.

As a CRM instructor, a qualified personal trainer and practical experience as CCM, I am clear that our current human needs as Aviators are not being met by our training manual, and current regulations.

We need to move in a more active direction – respecting our roster, long working hours, our unique environment and some very well known effects of flying on the body.

In all of this, we need the help of the Airlines.

Join the WOA and help us plant the seeds to transform our industry!

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